Back up and running

About a year ago the server running my block suffered from a hard disk failure. I did not notice that my site was not up for at least another 6 months. By the time I did notice I contacted the hosts and they restored my site. Only the back up was very old and had none of my Raspberry Pi blog data. So a few more months have gone by I have finally got round to installing wordpress again.. Unfortunately all my old data is gone, sorry for any looking for my work on the EVE board. I will try and rewrite some of the info but this will not be as complete as before.

Up and coming will be some interesting info for anyone who owns a Tontec 3.5″ LCD Touch screen. Stay tuned.


Back up and running — 2 Comments

  1. Sorry to read that 🙁
    I was coming back to give my EVE a third chance… have you been able to put some of the old documentation together again?

    • Hi Xose,

      I am sorry but I have not had time to re-write all the documents I originally wrote for the Eve board. If there was something specific that you needed help with then I am happy to help.

      The items I had working were:-
      * srf
      * temperature sensor
      * RTC

      The code I did write is on github (